About Us

The CEOT research group is a multidisciplinarly research unit acting mainly within the information and communications technology areas; specifically in optical communication networks, and organic electronics subfields. The research has also links with biosensing and optical bio/medical devices.


To provide a research environment to help staff, faculty and students to engage into research activities in the fields of telecommunications and electronics. To become an internationally recognized center of excellence in niche areas.

The origins

CEOT was established in 2003 as a result of a collaborative effort of several young scientists who (at the time) had just concluded their PhDs and Posdoc across the world. The CEOT group was first financed by FCT in 2004.

The research program

The research program is focused on two thrusts:

  • Broadband telecommunication networks
  • Technologies and devices for electronics, telecommunications and sensing

Although there are different competences, there are no formal independent groups and team has a common research program entitled “Applied systems supporting electronics and telecommunications (ASSET)”. This is part of a strategy to combine key scientific skills in relevant research themes with a commitment to an inter-disciplinary approach.

The objectives

  • Develop new devices, concepts, methods, and techniques in telecommunications and electronics supported by prototypes and scientific publications in high impact journals.
  • Facilitate the exchange of scientists and students amongst groups with diverse research capabilities and interests to promote interdisciplinary research in wireless and optical networks, organic electronics and biosensing.
  • Provide training and state-of-the-art facilities to some of th teaching activities of the University of the Algarve in particular at Master and PhD levels.
  • Promote the mobility and exchange of students between CEOT other universities and centers of excellence in Portugal and Europe.
  • Establish effective partnerships with industry, universities and other laboratories.
  • Train scientists that can be embedded into the industry and act as catalyst to develop the Portuguese and European technology.
  • Increase public awareness about the research conducted within CEOT as well as their impact in the prestige of the University and of the Algarve region.

The organization

Executive board: elected president and vice-president.

Coordinates, represents and manages CEOT. The Executive Board is responsible for the daily operation of CEOT.


Coordinator                 Vice-coordinator

Prof. Rui Guerra        Prof. José Figueiredo

Scientific commitee: comprised by all the PhD members which meet regularly to examine results and define plans as well as to promote the co-opertation and strategic interactions and synergies between researchers.

Scientific reference commitee:  advisory board which constituted by Prof. Sir John O'ReillyProf. Carlos SalemaProf. Martin TaylorProf. José Ferreira da Rocha, and Prof. Izzat Darwazeh.

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